Vote Sarah Palin for Anti-Christ

Yes, I can actually make a case for that biblically, but that’s not my point here.

My point is that Sarah Palin is nothing more than a small town political hack who is willing to compromise what little integrity she has for a shot at the big time. Think I am wrong? Let’s try again.

Sarah Palin plays at the politics of racism and loves every minute of it. If she didn’t, if she actually had any integrity, she would refuse to do it. She panders to anti-Arab sentiment in this country and to anti-Black sentiment in this country in her futile attempt to push the corpse that is her running mate into office. Think I am wrong? Look at all the crackers hanging Obama in effigy, in their yards.

Sarah Palin is little more than George Wallace – not the comedian, the former Governor of the State of Alabama who ran for President on a platform that called for the return of all African Americans to Africa. Actually she is less than Wallace, because I don’t think she is as intelligent as Wallace was. On the other hand, she is more than Wallace because I can’t imagine ever getting drunk enough to sleep with George Wallace when he was alive….

We need to send Sarah back to Alaska and allow her to fade into obscurity, running her State with her usual fascist charm.

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