Politics, the last haven of the social boob

I don’t know if you have noticed this or not, but nothing brings the social boob out of the closet like an election year.

You know the type. The person who during the course of an average year can’t hold a conversation about much of anything other than themselves, or else perseverates on other inappropriate topics like their genitals or religion, finds themselves especially exercised about politics during an election year. It’s almost as if being boorish three out of four years isn’t enough for them – they feel compelled to complete the triple crown of social buffoonery on the fourth year by carrying on ad nauseum about presidential politics. I suppose it gives them something to feel superior about, and if they need that so badly I don’t begrudge them their moment of self deluded importance – I just wish I wouldn’t have to be the recipient of it. In fact, after a short time I find myself facing the choice of either messing with their heads or dosing off into a apathy induced nap.

So please, just leave me out of it.

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