We Stand in Our Own Way

It’s amazing to me how much we self sabotage. I have become aware recently that most people are deluged with opportunities in every aspect of their lives that will lead them just where they want to be – and the vast majority of them walk away from those opportunities or just blow them right up. The odd thing is that they don’t seem to recognize it after the fact. They tend to externalize the reasons things “didn’t work out”, when most often they don’t work out because we lack the courage to let them work out. The real question is, “How often do we have to repeat the same mistakes before we get tired of shooting ourselves in the foot?”

Most often if we look in a detached way at our employment history, our education history, and our relationship history we will see the same patterns repeating themselves throughout our lives. Sometimes those patterns are healthy, other times they are maladaptive and destructive. Even if you are happy with where you are, it pays to take a look at those patterns because they have a lot to tell us about where we are and where we are going.

As a process theologian, I believe that God is constantly bringing new opportunities before us. It remains up to us to choose which opportunities to take advantage of – and to do that we will have to develop the ability to get out of our own way!

What are you waiting for?

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