Starbucks’ Sexy Mermaid

Have you heard about this? The religious right is upset about Starbucks’ new logo. Frankly, I never noticed their old logo until this nonsense started. The old logo was a mermaid whose hair covered her breasts not unlike Lady Godiva. It was a line drawing – almost cartoon like. The new logo, which is brown (the old one was green) has a mermaid holding her fins in the air, one in each hand, with her (cartoon) breasts exposed. Apparently, the religious right finds this overtly sexual. If you want to see the images, you can Google them. Take a moment and do so if you haven’t seen them. I’ll wait…

I suppose you are all worked up, huh? No? Neither am I. In fact, I’m wondering just what kind of a sick pig you have to be to see something sexual in that logo. Apparently, little Johnny Religiousfanatic didn’t know that mermaids (much less human women) had breasts before now. Apparently, these sick whack jobs see in this picture a human female with her legs spread and are all offended.

Folks, please, you need treatment and you need it badly. Go to the nearest emergency room immediately, because you are not in contact with reality and are most likely a danger to yourselves and others.

Now do you see why I say that we need a new sexual ethic in this country?

God save us all.

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