Fritz and ?????

Geraldine Ferraro is absolute living proof that some people are better off fading into obscurity. The very same woman who was incensed at the jokes about “Fritz and Tits” during her 1984 campaign as Walter Mondale’s running mate has now shown she is just as much of an idiot as the people who criticized her for being female in 1984. She has shown she is cut of the same cloth now that she said Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he is in the presidential primaries if here wasn’t black. Geraldine, come down off you arrogant presupposition of importance. Your actions indicate you are an ignorant opportunist. They also indicate the American public was right in rejecting your candidacy in 1984. You can go back to pressing bed linens and cutting eye holes in pillow cases for your next social gathering.

Ironically, Ferraro is also an excellent example of tokenism and why it is a bad idea. Is there anybody who really believes that Ferraro would have any position – honorary or otherwise – in the Clinton campaign if she had not been Mondale’s running mate? After all, the argument that she was a part of Clinton’s campaign because she has anything valuable to offer has just been undercut by her own stupidity and lack of judgment. What’s more, hardly anyone in the American electorate remembers her, and of those that do remember her most of them expected to see her on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club or one of those “Where are they now?” segments of Entertainment Tonight.

Let’s look at the bigger picture here. If you are a member of any group that has been discriminated against – and I do not deny for even a moment that women have been victims of discrimination in this country – you lose any right to complain if you, in turn, make discriminatory comments against others! It is obvious that education is no barrier to stupidity.

What really makes me angry about all this is that Geraldine Ferraro will get a pass on this because she is a woman. Sure, she had to resign her position in the Clinton campaign, but it’s not like that is costing her any money. All it costs her is her chance to continue to try to reclaim her thirty seconds of fame from 1984 – or maybe it has given her the opportunity to send a message that she is still alive, albeit completely obnoxious and irrelevant. No one has paid any attention to her since 1985 – and now we see they were justified in that.

What if she was male? What if she was Don Imus? I’m not advocating what Imus said that led to his fall from grace, but arguably he thought (in a misguided way) that he was being funny. The public outcry against his ill advised attempt at humor was enormous. Where are you now, Al Sharpton? Why do white women get to make racially ignorant comments without being criticized? Where are you, American voting public? Why do you remain silent when this moron accuses you of being so small minded that you would actually vote for a candidate because of their ethnicity?

Say, Geraldine…Michael Dukakis just called. Your room is ready at the Home for Irrelevant Former Politicians. He said he would meet you in the Ross Perot Dining Room.

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