Managed Health Care, Isn’t

I realize that this probably isn’t news to much of anyone, but Managed Health Care isn’t health care at all. What managed health care really is is denial of care to the patient so that the insurance company can make more money. My question is, why do we tolerate this?

The truth is, depending on whom you believe, insurance companies control at least 70% of the wealth in this country. Take a look around the city you live in. I’d be willing to bet that the newest, biggest office buildings in your city belong to insurance companies. Why is that significant? It is significant because it takes wealth to build office buildings, and yet the insurance industry is constantly complaining that health care costs are out of control. Think about this – the insurance industry (whether health insurance, auto insurance, or life insurance) is the only industry that is in business to not perform the service that its customers have purchased. The insurance industry profits when it avoids doing what it has contracted with the consumer to do.

In fact, they profit so much that they are able to afford an extremely powerful lobbying presence in Washington. That same lobbying presence is responsible for the completely nonsensical notion that universal health care is not affordable, despite the many models that have been designed and presented that show it would actually cost less than the present system. Why don’t insurance companies want universal health care? Because it would afford them less profit that they make under the current system.

What’s lost in all of this is that the person who suffers isn’t just some isolated ne’er do well in the mountains of West Virginia. We all suffer. We all experienced a lower level of care at a higher cost than is necessary. We all have some mindless bureaucrat in an insurance office – often a burnt out nurse who is no longer fit to care for patients – deciding on what is appropriate treatment for the patient. Never mind that it is the physician who has been trained to make these decisions, the physician who has the experience to make these decisions, and the physician who must ultimately administer the health care – the clerk is driving the system. What the clerk wants is not to do what’s best for you, but rather what’s best for their employer – which, once again, is denial of payment and denial of services.

Are there physicians who abuse the system? Certainly. In the end, though, the victim of the abuse – no matter who is handing it out – is the patient, and that is unacceptable. The politicians, who could change all of this through legislation, have prostituted themselves to the insurance lobbies.

And you thought prostitution was illegal! It’s perfectly legal if the person getting screwed is the American public, and the people doing the screwing are big business and elected officials.

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