The State of Math in this Country, by H.R.Clinton

Once again, a disclaimer: This article is not an endorsement of any candidate.

Hillary Clinton has 35 years of experience running this country – just ask her. I find that fascinating. Apparently Hillary has been running this country since 1973! I wonder if Nixon was aware, or Gerald Ford, or Jimmy Carter, or Ronald Reagan, or George H.W. Bush, or Bill Clinton, or Dubya…..well, wait, Dubya isn’t aware of much of anything, so he doesn’t count.

Now let’s see – just in the interest of truth and honesty – Hillary has been in Congress only in this century. Did she run this country as first lady? Hell, she couldn’t even control her husband’s penis when he was President of the United States or when he was Governor of Arkansas! Does the first lady of Arkansas run the country, even when she does manage to control her husband’s penis? The worst thing is, quite a few people are swallowing this nonsense (sorry, Bill, hate to raise a sore issue) and nobody seems to be taking Hillary to task for it.

I suppose it’s because most people pad their resume. You know how it is, you get a job cleaning toilets at the local bordello and on your resume you become the head of maintenance at a spa. The problem is that most people who pad their resume are smart enough to do it in a way that, at least on the basis of a cursory examination, isn’t readily apparent. The sad thing is that so many people in this country are so desperate to see a viable female candidate for President that they are willing to look the other way while Hillary lies. In fact, she is little more than a political opportunist who stayed with her unrepentant, philandering husband – presumably biding her time until she could launch her own political career.

Let’s hope that’s not a female role model too many people are willing to buy into. It could set women back one hundred years.

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