Spiritual Glaucoma

Glaucoma runs in my family. It is a disease of the eye in which ocular pressures increase. If left untreated, it results in tunnel vision and eventually blindness as the visual field is gradually reduced. Fortunately for me, it is treatable. This weekend I saw an advanced case of spiritual glaucoma.

I was driving past the local shopping mall on Saturday on my way to set up the church for worship on Sunday. As I passed the mall, I was confronted by a group of abortion protesters complete with very large signs – so large, in fact, that only the top of the sign holder’s head was visible over the sign – with graphic pictures of what they claimed were aborted fetuses. I could spend time addressing the fact that the pictures were labeled as 21st week fetuses, and abortion is only legal in Wisconsin during the first trimester, but I’d rather focus on a more pressing issue that the fact that these narrow minded morons either can’t do elementary math or find misleading people to be the Christian way, or both.

These pictures are obscene, and these so-called “Christian” (and oh my, but do I use that term loosely!) protesters see no problem with displaying these unavoidable, obscene pictures without warning on a very busy public thoroughfare on the largest shopping weekend of the year. Apparantly it hasn’t occurred to these mental midgets that children will be in the passing cars and that they cannot help but be traumatized by these graphic and obscene images. I am talking about the kinds of images that could not be displayed on television without a warning and disclaimer, if they could be displayed at all.

Even more ironic is the fact that if these myopic protesters drove past images of married couples making love on that same street corner they would be the first to protest. Yet the truth is that if a child was confronted by that sort of image a parent could explain it simply by saying that is how babies are made! That sort of image would be a depiction of a natural, healthy process that most every human being does participate in during the course of their lives, but that sort of image is strictly prohibited.

I am certainly not arguing for displaying pictures of lovemaking on streetcorners. If you want to see that, watch the soap operas. However, I am saying that we as a society are very confused indeed about what obscenity is. We need to wake up to the reality that graphic depictions of medical procedures, whatever the procedure, are potentially traumatic to both children and adults, and should not be displayed on a street corner for any reason, but especially in the name of Christ.

Even more interesting is that fact that these pin headed protesters seem to care only for human life as long as it is a fetus and requires nothing of them. Once the fetus is post partum, it’s on its own. Witness that conservative Christians tend to be opposed to social programs, and so don’t want to address the truth that children are literally starving to death every minute throughout the world; that they tend to be in favor of the war in Iraq, which has killed thousands of human beings; and they tend to favor the death penalty. So, fetuses of the world, take heart! People are protesting on your behalf and in doing so damaging those already born! Once you are actually born, however, you will probably need things from these idiots and that will make you inconvenient to them, so you will be out of luck.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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