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We are glad you are here! Whether you have come to look into having Craig perform a Wedding, Baptism, or other ceremony for you, or whether you are here to explore Craig’s teachings and other services – or both – there is something here for you! We encourage you to explore the site, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Craig directly by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. We also invite you to check out Craig’s books by visiting his page at Amazon, or clicking on one of the titles in the Amazon Widget at the side of this page!

If you would like an autographed copy of any of Craig’s books sent directly to you, please send an email to craig.bergland@gmail.com. We will contact you with more information!

A New Way

Listener QuestionsWhat if there was a new way to look at life that is really rooted in some very ancient traditions and wisdom but translated and adapted in a way that made sense for living in today’s world? What if spiritual questions were not just allowed but encouraged and if spiritual teaching was done in a way that wasn’t like answers being given from an authority figure but rather questions and their solutions being explored with a trusted spiritual guide? Imagine what might happen if we could learn to cope with the changes and chances of life without getting derailed! Imagine if someone actually recognized our inherent goodness instead of trying to guilt us into doing something! Imagine if we learned to connect with our own inherent wisdom! How good would that feel?

There is a Way!

The way is called RHIMES – Radically Inclusive, Heart Centered, Interspiritual, Meditative, Engaged Spirituality. aviary-photo_130203888717664296.pngRHIMES draws from the best of all the great historic spiritual traditions, seeking the commonalities they share – the teachings which represent what is sometimes called the Primordial Tradition, truths which touch the very essence of what it is to be human. We also learn to slow down a bit, to go from barely coping with the pace of contemporary life to mastering it. We move from feeling we will never catch up with the break-neck pace of contemporary life to seeing things as they really are by learning to step back and not get hooked by appeals to our emotions, history, and woundedness. We can take our lives back and become the centered, compassionate, loving individuals we were born to be. The way is through spiritual practice and working with our minds to learn where we get caught up in the drama and adventure that seems to surround us at every turn. The truth is we do have a choice, we don’t  have to feel tossed about like a leaf on high seas. We can become the masters of our own lives again! meCraig’s teachings are practical applications of great spiritual and psychological truths that respect your beliefs, life experience, spiritual and religious traditions (if any), and your life circumstance. The truth is that human beings are inherently good, not inherently broken. We simply lose sight of that truth due to the grind and stress of daily life. We can overcome anything and grow into the fullness of our potential. What an exciting and liberating truth! We invite you to explore this website. There is more coming all the time! We are working on a special members area for those of you who would like to explore Craig’s teaching in greater depth, including individual spiritual teachings and guidance either in person or via Skype. We also invite you to subscribe to Craig’s free monthly newsletter by clicking here!

If you would like to contact Craig directly, please feel free to do so by completing this form!

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